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Q: What capabilities do we have in our CNC machining department?

Our HAAS CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Center allow us to produce small run, precision parts with very high tolerances. Having in house machinists and designers allows us to manufacture part assemblies for much larger jobs without the time constraints and costs of having to send out your parts to an outside machine shop. This allows Metal-Tech to ensure that your parts are ready on time, and at the lowest cost to you.

Q: What material types and thicknesses can our waterjet cut? To what tolerance?

We are capable of cutting ANY material that can get wet - from 0.005"-6" thick, with some materials being able to be layered to allow multiple parts in a single run. Our Flow Waterjet is capable of cutting material up to 72" x 144".

Abrasive water cutting is a "cold" process, which does not create any heat build-up in the material, eliminating any heat distortion. We can hold a tolerance of +/- 0.020" on most materials.


Q: What certifications and listings do we design & manufacture our Food Service Equipment too?

Standard Metal-Tech Food Service Equipment is designed and fabricated to the highest level of quality, fit, and function for your needs.  We are also certified to fabricate to specific industry standards when called upon to do so, such as NSF certified equipment and UL listed exhaust hoods.  You can also review our CSA listed sink line which are available with or without integral drain boards.

Q: Do we hold any certifications for safety?

Metal Tech takes safety seriously. We are COR Certified  and comply with Safeworks Manitoba standards.

We were the recipient of the 2015 SAFE WORK Manitoba Award for Employer SAFEty.


Q: Can we perform installations outside of Winnipeg?

Yes. Metal Tech is centrally located in Canada allowing us to easily travel to various locations to provide quality installations. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding remote installations.

Q: What materials do we work with?

Here at Metal Tech we primarily work with most grades of stainless and structural steel. We also work with other metals such as copper, brass, & aluminum. We commonly use plastics in our custom food processing products. 

Our waterjet is capable of cutting any material including bricks, wood, composites, plastics, hardened steels, etc. Really, we can cut any material  that can get wet.

Q: What industries do we serve?

We are a very diverse company serving industries such as: Food Processing, Food Service, General Contrators and Construction, Architectural, Home Builders, & Aerospace. We are also glad to work with any individual.